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Adjustable Reflective Easy Walk Dog Harness

(60 customer reviews)

Adjustable Reflective Easy Walk Dog Harness

(60 customer reviews)



When you want to make sure that your dog is seen at night, this is the harness to choose!

Safety, comfort and obedience training are some of many reasons to add a harness to your daily walking with the dog. Our harness equally distributes weight across your dog’s frame to discourage pulling, resulting in effortless control and comfort at the same time. The no-pull design makes sure you no longer restrict your dog’s neck and chest, and cushy and lightweight mesh padding on the chest and belly adds to general comfort. With front and back leash attachments, the harness gives your dog the freedom of moment to enjoy the great outdoors while remaining safe and sound.

This harness also features double stitching that allows for great tensile strength and increased load capacity. The reflective stitching throughout the harness makes it perfect for nighttime strolls, thanks to 3M reflective material that keeps your dog visible when it’s dark. It also comes with an array of colors that help the harness stand out at night. The outer layer is also scratch-resistant, so it can last longer no matter how much damage your dog tries to do to it. Finally, it has an ergonomic shape that makes putting it on and off of the dog easier than ever. The adjustable straps with quick-release buckles, 11 vibrant color options, and a wide variety of size choices make for a completely customizable experience.


✔️ 3M REFLECTIVE — Reflective piping interwoven into its durable nylon exterior to make sure your dog stays visible while you’re walking at night.

✔️ DOBLE LEASH ATTACHMENT — Aluminum alloy D-ring on the dog’s back and stainless steel O-ring on the dog’s chest for extra control.

✔️ DOUBLE STITCHINGGreat tensile strength, double stitching and load capacity buckles allow this harness to hold back even strong pullers.

✔️ COMFORTABLE PADDED STRAPS — Crafted to remove pressure from your dog’s neck and disperse it through cushy and lightweight mesh padding on the chest and belly.

✔️ ERGONOMIC DESIGN — Easy to put on and take off, doesn’t irritate the skin.


Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

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60 reviews for Adjustable Reflective Easy Walk Dog Harness

  1. J***a

    This harness is very easy to put on, we simply slip the opening over her head then click the two straps into place under her belly. Much less of a struggle than her old harness and it’s on in a few seconds. It’s very sturdy, both in the straps, and the rings you click onto, which are metal instead of plastic. I think it’s more likely my retractable leash would break than anything on this harness. The chest and back both have padding, so if I had to really pull her hard I don’t think it would hurt her, the force would be well distributed. There is a ring on the front, if you want to clip your dog front facing. Overall love this harness and I’m sure it will last us years.

  2. J***r

    I have a usually sweet pup, but she is strong and suffers from impulse control. Even after several runs of dog training, she still pulls like crazy on walks. So she needs a good sturdy harness, which this is. This harness has an additional feature that makes it superior to other harnesses we’ve had, it has a top handle to hold her when she really is pulling. The handle is strong and gives us much better control. The side clips are also easier to use than top clipping harnesses we’ve had before. Solid quality harness.

  3. P***r

    Durable and cool. I like that there is a ring on the top for the leash and then a separate ring on the bottom that I can hook the car seat attachment when I take my pup for a ride. Pretty easy to put on. I recommend this harness to those who have been looking for the ideal combination harness.

  4. P***r

    Ordered this based on the recommendation of the folks – their dog was hard-to-fit and they were raving about how much they liked this harness and how great it fit. Sure enough, now I’m a fan too!! It is a challenge when it comes to finding a harness that fits without rubbing the skin in her armpits raw. The reflective markings are amazing at night. And the grab handle is a bonus! Worth every dollar and more!!

  5. A***a

    We love this harness. I have it in both orange and black. It has a thick metal loop on the back where I normally connect the leash. It also has a smaller loop on the front to connect a leash for pulling dogs, as well as a small canvas loop on the back you can use as a grab handle if you need closer control of your pup. It has a nice fit, with a decent range of size. It feels very sturdy and doesn’t really stretch much, so he can’t back out of it. I love this harness, definitely a good buy for us.

  6. D***l

    Took my furbabie for a walk this evening and she pulled minimally and she was way easier to control and redirect. Also, it didnt crush her throat in the front. I had used a very expensive no pull harness with the D ring in the front and she pulled anyways to the point she was gasping for air.

  7. A***a

    I love this harness! It has several adjustment points and is easy to slip on and off. It makes walks so much better and it works perfect with tether straps in the back seat of the car for safety when traveling. My pup loves wearing his harness! It is very well made with high quality hardware. It is durable and wipes clean very easily. I love the grab loop and the reflective material is very bright!

  8. D***v

    I wanted a harness that would NOT ever loosen and would keep my dogs safely attached to their leash. Especially in their car seats (which they are buckled into) because they like to ride with the windows down and put their faces in the wind. This harness lets them do that but along with their car seat, they aren’t able to get their heads outside. I love not worrying about them falling out or jumping out of the window.

  9. J***z

    This is an awesome harness- easy to put on, easy to adjust for first fitting, Love the black grasping handle for getting her buckled safely in the car and she seems to really love strutting around in it. The quality seems exceptional –but we only just have 4 days of use so far. As far as the pulling – yes there is a difference from just lead and collar vs this lead to vest- there is more control for the human without hurting the dog!

  10. M***a

    We are very happy with this harness. It is easy to put on and take off due to the neck and side clips. Our dog does not hesitate to let us put it on her and seems happy to wear until we take it off after we come back in from walks or travel, so it must be comfortable. The handle on the back is very helpful in lifting her into the car, and in restraining her when we need to do so. We highly recommend the harness.

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